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At last, the end is in sight. Sort of. (There's actually quite a bit to Spyro 2 after you win, but we'll get to that later on the Dragon Shores page.) These levels are the hardest of the game, with the orb quests being particularly tricky.

1) To get to the orb atop the waterfall in the underwater cave, get inside the castle. Go over to the right hand side of the corridor inside and look down. You can fly to the river down below and ride it to the orb.

Spyro, Gulp, Ripto and Crush2) In Mystic Marsh, find the professor by riding up the whirlwind in the tower and going off the opposite side you're deposited on. This puzzle (returning his pencil to him) isn't that hard, if you keep your eyes open: The level has a bird's nest, flower pot, mama duck, stew pot and fountain there for a reason. (Note: You can't accomplish anything by flaming the mama duck other than irritating your wife. Just so you're warned in advance. Of course, sometimes it's fun to annoy her that way ...)

3) One of the four spark plug thieves is extremely easy: The one by the stew pot (hmmmm ... could that be the one needed for the professor's pencil puzzle? I wonder ... ) will run a complete lap if you stay by the opening of the cave.

4) Looking for the final yellow gems in Mystic Marsh? Look for a bottle tied to a balloon near the jeep. You'll need to superjump to get them out. (And, no, they're not easy to get.)

5) That Secret Agent in Cloud Temples is no push-over. Stay hidden behind a tree when the Secret Agent is about to go through the last set of doors, racing in once he's started to walk through.

6) Stumped by how to open the box in Cloud Temples that you'll come across during the Secret Agent orb quest? You'll get your opportunity to open the chest during the bell ringing orb quest. There's a fireworks rocket on the outside of the bell tower, although you'll need to freeze a troll to get up there. Extremely good flyers might even be able to fly to the rocket from the third tower bell. Maybe.

7) That bomb-flinging ox in Metropolis always alternates between firing one to each side, then the middle, then the other side, then the middle again. But he initially starts firing one straight down the middle. So begin the game by skating straight towards him (line up ahead of time with a crack in the concrete sidewalk) and flame the bomb as he flings it towards you. And you can quit the game at any time and come back and pick up where you left off, the ox not having regained any life. If you get in a bind, go get Sparx some butterflies!

8) Having trouble chasing down the bugs in Robotica Farms? Don't fly after them, fly into their flight path before them and flame, flame, flame. No, it's not elegant, but it works, certainly by the time you've done your second lap of the islands. (Repeating these sorts of tasks, including swinging back through power-up gates where applicable, is the answer to most of these sorts of puzzles, like the lamps in Glimmer, for instance.)

9) The barrel-flinging bugs in Robotica Farms can dish it out, but they can't take it. Try headbutting the barrels back at them instead of avoiding the barrels and then flaming the bugs.

10) Once the round spinner bugs in Robotica Farms are on their backs, headsmash their vulnerable bellies.

11) There's three stages to beating Ripto. As with beating Gulp, the key is to KEEP MOVING. And in the bird stage, the bird's, um, engine is vulnerable, as is Ripto himself. Just fire like a crazed little dragon and AVOID GETTING HIT AT ALL COSTS.


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