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Ah, Dragon Shores. Spyro's twice-deserved vacation and the end of the game. Well, it's not really the end of the game ...

1) There's several stages to "winning" Spyro 2. After you beat Ripto you get a movie depicting your friends working on fixing their world.

2) The gate they open to Dragon Shores, though, requires you have enough gems and orbs to get in (8,000 gems and 55 orbs). (If you don't, and you think you've cleared every level, you've almost certainly missed a speedway level.)

3) Once you've done that, and played all the games and gotten 10 tokens, you can visit the Dragon Shores theater, and see all the previous movies you've been shown.

4) If you have ALL the orbs and ALL the gems, in Dragon Shores you can open a door to a power-up that gives you a PERMANENT super fireball power. If you start a new game after quitting one where you had the permanent super fireball -- don't turn off the machine before hand, or load the winning game again after you do -- your new game will feature Spyro with the fireball from the beginning. It's a hoot. Even if you don't start a new game, the fireball is useful for collecting skill points ...

Flying over Scorch5) There's also another quest for those who've finished the rest of the game. After defeating Ripto, a new section will appear in your guidebook, listing Skill Points. There's 16 of them. After you get eight of them, an "epilogue" section is added to your guidebook and you can read what happens to the characters after the game. Get them all and new pages are added to your guidebook, showing off some "extinct animals" (actually critters designed for the game but not used). The Skill Points are awarded for:

  • Aquaria Towers: Destroy all the seaweed. (Much easier after finishing the game and gaining the permanent fireball.) (1)
  • Colossus: Perfect score in hockey. (2)
  • Fracture Hills: Run three laps of the supercharge course. (3)
  • Hurricos: Destroy all the small windmills. (4)
  • Idol Springs: Land on top of the small idol near the hula girls. (5)
  • Scorch: Knock the coconuts out of all the trees. (6)
  • Skelos: Destroy the quartet of catbats and all the cacti. (7, 8)
  • Three skill points for defeating each level "boss" without being wounded. There's a fourth one if you hit Ripto before fighting Gulp (he's on the throne behind Gulp and this is a lot easier once you have the super fireball power permanently). (9, 10, 11, 12)
  • Four Speedway skill points. Finish Ocean Speedway and Canyon Speedway, in under 1:10, and Icy Speedway and Metro Speedway in under 1:15. (13, 14, 15, 16)

6) Remember how easy it was to race around, blasting frogs for butterflies and extra lives in Autumn Plains? Try it with the fireball!


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