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Here's a little twist: Spyro doesn't initially start the game in the home area of Summer Forest, he starts off in Glimmer. (Hence the name "Gateway to Glimmer" for the international version of the game.) That's the first hint that Spyro 2 will feature a whole lot of heading back and forth between areas before they can be finished. It gives the game, in my opinion, a bit more of a natural feel and gives more control over the pacing and direction of the game to the player.

1) It's not as neat as the cords of wood in Spyro 1 or the cactii there, but no dragon should roam the lands of Summer Forest without torching a tapestry or banner or two. Useless, but dumb fun. (And torching the catctii in this game isn't entirely useless ...)

Spyro goes flying over Idol Springs2) Since it's most players' first time trying to locate them, here's some hints as to where the four orbs in the Summer Forest home area can be found:.

  • Hunter's challenge: Find Hunter and do what he says. The skills he teaches you -- especially hovering -- will be hard to live without.
  • On a secret ledge: Swim through the tunnel leading out of the bottom of the pond at the start of Summer Forest.
  • Atop a ladder: Learn to climb, then climb the ladder. (See the Dragon Secrets page to learn where to pick up this and other new skills.)
  • Behind the door: Find the section with the doors that open and close via a big red button. Play with the button until the door to the right, near the window, is closed. If you work the button while able to see the door, you'll notice that there are actually two doors there, guarding the orb, and that they open and close in rapid succession when the button is pressed. Don't worry about them. Jump up on the window sill and carefully jump to the left, hovering and landing on the far window sill. Grab the orb, hop back on the window sill and fly down to the yard below. You've just gotten all four orbs.

3) In Glimmer, to get the last little lizard, go to the plaza at the back of the level, where the outdoor lamps are, and look for a cave. He's in there. Really.

4) To light up the blocks in Idol Springs, just jump on the four outside corners, once each.

5) OK, you've saved the turtles and gotten the chef's orb in Sunny Beach. (You need to be able to climb to beat the chef.) Where are the rest of the gems? (You did fight the chef twice, right?) Look in the water where you knocked the suicidal turtles.

6) As for keeping those baby turtles out of the cauldron, stay near the cauldron and headbutt the turtles away from it as they approach. Try and headbutt them into the water, as they'll sometimes ricochet off walls and straight into the cauldron, otherwise.

7) Can't get the door to stay open to get the last box in the timed fireball challenge? What's the problem? You can see the box, and you've got a fireball ...

The topside of Aquaria Towers8) In Aquaria Towers, it's a lot easier to flame the crabs and the divers before you flood each area with water ... (And once you have the permanent super fireball, you can even kill most of the sharks that way, too.)

9) Avoid mechanical sharks in Aquaria Towers (use Moneybags' sub) until you've zapped enough bad guys to activate the fireball powerup, then go blow up the sharks. Remember there's three groups of them. The fireball powerup is also useful for taking out the crabs during the rescue of the king's babies.

10) During the manta ray races in Aquaria Towers, keep your eye on the sea horse in front of you; he's the one releasing the bubble rings, and if you just follow him, you'll be much more likely to complete the course, especially the second one. ("Manta ray races?" Once you get the talisman, look UP for an opening to the top of the settlement and the orb quests.)

11) Missing an idol in Colossus? You might have missed this one: Go up onto the roof of the temple where the Yeti was and there's a path you can jump onto from there. Follow that path back and there's one more statue and some gems.

12) To leave Summer Forest, you need to defeat Crush. There's really nothing to it, just jump over each of his waves of electricity, then run up and burn him, then run away before he smashes you. Of course, after a few times, he starts fireballing you, meaning you have to race away from him (charging) and then zip in when you get a chance. Finally, he starts varying how he attacks you ... OK, it's a pain. Try and stick close to him and attack right after he attacks you, then flee before he gets to the next circle.


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