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Once again, Spyro has to race around like a dragon out of control to complete the game. This time, though, the courses are more than just flight levels. And, yes, you have to beat these courses and complete the extra orb quest on each to get the permanent power-up at the end of the game. As with the flight levels in Spyro 1, there's no "right" way to do these courses -- just find a way to complete a circuit of the course, and then work on shaving that time down, bit by bit.

1) There are four speedways. Four. If you are missing one orb and 400 gems (gee, how'd I know that?), you missed one of the four, four, four speedways. (Can you tell we get a lot of people who have a "broken" copy of Spyro 2, because they "finished the whole game, but I didn't get the last orb and 400 gems?")

2) Ocean Speedway (located in Summer Forest ... if you haven't found it, you haven't looked) - Go through four rings first and head straight past to arches (save the lowest arch for later). Go through the arches in order. After the seventh arch, make a hard right to go through tunnel and the remaining four rings. Pick up that last arch and you should be right in position for the boats. Try to match the boats path and take them out head on. Once all boats are gone, fly up to track and charge along the race track to hit all the cars head on. I was able to finish in 1:08." (Beating the course in under 1:10 is important ... see the secrets page for why.) After you've done that, fly to the grand stand and talk to the fish queen, Finny, for another task to win an orb.

Spyro and Hunter3) Metro Speedway (located in Autumn Plains) - Try to nail them in this order: pigeons (most), jumpers and remaining pigeons, some nearby arches, all slow signs and remaining arches. On the jumpers, you can fly high enough to blast their anvils instead of their bungee cords. It's tricky - seems you have to get a little close to the platform and it might delay your flight some. After beating the course, go to the waterway where many of the first pigeons were. Along one of the walls there is a man behind a waterfall; he offers you another orb for helping Hunter get rid of the cat burglars.

4) Alternate advice #1 - Flame the first six pigeons going clockwise (always going right). These fall off their perches and lower the necessary speed ramps. Once the furthest right-hand pigeon (the one at 1 o'clock once you have come out of the tunnel where number five was) has been dispatched, then fly onto the speed ramp that has just opened up behind it and supercharge all the way through to the stop sign lot.You will also dispatch three of the arches on the way. Coming out of the first supercharge (two arches), you can drop down far enough to go through the third arch before flaming the stop sign guys going upwards and counter-clockwise. Make sure you get the three at furthest end of the loop. Finish them off, go through the other three arches going up and to the right and supercharge to the second ramp (making sure you angle to the right to get to it) and finish off all the arches. Once out the other side, snap the strings of the bungee jumpers, finishing them off in a counter-clockwise fashion (getting pigeon number seven at the same time about halfway round). Your final shot is pigeon number eight at the bottom of the pillar at nine o'clock from the ramp.

5) Icy Speedway (located in Autumn Plains) - Flame all the parasailers at the beginning. After the fourth one go down to the arch. Super charge from there to the last arch right before you must fly up. Fly up and get that one and go down by the little pool in that structure. Get that arch and finish the rest off. Now kill all the serpents and skaters. After you kill the last skater, supercharge the snowmobiles. Then smash open the igloo to talk to Hunter about getting the level's orb.

6) Canyon Speedway (located in Winter Tundra) - Flame five rams; down and slightly left to biker ramp. Make sure to flame the first biker coming off as you get on the ramp and then supercharge five more bikers. Fly and dip to hit all the rings; flame the last three rams (if you time it right, you can blast a biker coming out of the tunnel on the way to the last ram). Cut left to the biker ramp and supercharge the last biker or bikers. Then supercharge through the tunnel and head straight up for the vultures. Very easy to take out meeting them head-on, and super easy with a fireball. Remember to look for Hunter while you're here; he'll give you another task to get an orb.


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