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Before Spyro can finish off Summer Forest, he'll have to pop over to Autumn Plains -- after defeating Crush -- and learn how to climb from Moneybags. The areas of Autumn Plains are harder than those in Summer Forest, sometimes dramatically so. But don't be fooled by the number of Fracture Hills tips below; it may take a long time to get through, but it's no Tree Tops (from "Spyro the Dragon").

Outside Autumn Plains1) READ THIS HINT: There's two spots where the walls in Autumn Plains look damaged. Damage them further: The first time, inside the castle at the top of the stairs, a headbutt will get you to a whirlwind that leads, eventually, to a place you can fly to get one orb. The other place (atop the castle wall) has the second orb concealed behind it.

2) In Magma Cone, once you get into the interior, climb up to the top of the cone and shut the gate atop it before you do anything else. Once you've done that, and gotten your reward, use the superflight powerup to fly around and swallow the lava balls, shooting them at the lava monsters. The superflight will also be useful for freeing the gems hanging from those balloons. But pick up all the treasure before getting to this point: The ladder to the top of Magma Cone does not appear until all of the treasure has been picked up outside.

3) To get the remaining orbs, look around for a ladder leading from a patch of grass. You'll emerge in an ice cave (I know, I know) where Hunter will play you two games of "catch the popcorn crystals." (Hint: Try and stand over the wide spots where they'll emerge, so Hunter can't snatch them away from you.)

4) The four orbs in Zephyr aren't terribly hard to get, although they can each be frustrating. The first two you get for rounding up the Cowleks and putting them in the pen. A flame makes them hop a little, a headbutt fires them a long way, and is the preferred method for getting the orbs. The other two are part of planting the magic seeds to get to Juliet. The secret here is that you don't need just the ONE seed; look around for others on ledges that you have to grow magic plants to reach, and after you've collected all of them, the professor will give you an orb, followed by the one you get for reuniting Romeo and Juliet. (You will eventually plant or replant a seed in every spot available, so if you haven't done so yet, try a few more spots, just to see what happens.)

5) Headbutt the Earthshapers into the lava in Fracture Hills. The ones not near lava can be killed with Hunter's help.

6) Breaking open the armored chest in Fracture Hills is tough -- there may be some people who can take it out after making a complete circuit of the supercharge ramp, but more people might like what I suggested to my wife, Queen of Supercharges and Flight Levels: When you emerge above ground on the ramp, over to your left is an island with a pig on it (which you cleared of the Earthshaper using the above hint, yes?). Jump down there, jump to the vault and supercharge open the chest. It might take a few tries - it's a very tight turn to make - but this is easier than going the long way around.

7) Alternate solution #1: When you emerge on the ramp, instead of jumping to the left to the island where the pig is, jump to the RIGHT off of the ramp. This allows you to make a much less sharp turn to your left, jump to the island with the pig, jump to the vault and charge the chest. It requires more jumping but the turn is far easier.

Spyro and a Skelos Badlands dinosaur8) Alternate solution #2: As soon as you start your supercharge (as soon as you enter the cave where the Earthshapers used to be), take an immediate left. There is a little jump and the turn is sharp. However, if you can make the jump and jump over the little lava, you are now on a direct course to the chest and within one jump of completing the ramp. This method can be completed in roughly three seconds, and without all the aggravation of trying to stay on the path and jump from island to island. The best part is, if you fail, you will not lose any life since the failures stem from failing to jump the two ledges.

9) Get all the Fracture Hills orbs at once! Since several of the orbs rely on having cleared the way in previous orb quests, if you stop in the middle, it will be that much more work to get to the later quests.

10) If you're missing a bone in the Skelos Badlands, go back to the beginning of the tunnel system, where you entered through a giant skull. Look up on the nose of the skull. He'll drop the bone where you can get it, trust me.

11) Autumn Plains is THE place to stock up on extra lives. Spyro can get going in a large figure eight outside the castle, blasting frogs and letting Sparx help himself to all the butterflies he can stand. It's not unheard of for Sparx to swallow six butterflies a minute here.

12) An interesting design eccentricity in Scorch: The guidebook depicts the talisman as a scarab with its wings spread. The talisman itself, as seen outside the gate to Scorch in the Autumn Plains home world, has its wings closed.

13) How do you get to Winter Tundra? Well, how did you get to Autumn Plains? That's right: Beat the villain Ripto has left in charge. In this case, it's Gulp.


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