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After saving all the dragons from Gnasty Gnorc, Spyro thought he was due for a vacation at Dragon Shores. Well, things aren't going to be quite so simple.

"Spyro: Ripto's Rage"On the way to Dragon Shores, Spyro is diverted to the world of Avalar, where only he can beat the tiny tyrant Ripto and his two thugs Crush and Gulp.

Everything that was cool about the original game is back, with more of it. Liked the Peace Keepers cannons from "Spyro the Dragon?" Cannons are all over the place during parts of the game, and are crucial to Spyro's success. Setting stuff on fire isn't just fun now, it's important for victory over Ripto. And in addition to more of what you loved from the original game, Spyro 2 features new minigames and quests. Spyro will have to do everything from reuniting two lovers to beating Shaolin monks at ice hockey.

Spyro 2 is, in my opinion, both more fun and easier than the original game. So much to do and see and set fire to ....

Some direct links to commonly looked-for information:

  • Click here if you can't get the orbs in the Autumn Plains home world.
  • Click here if you missing a bone in the Skelos Badlands.
  • Click here if you're having trouble in Mystic Marsh.
  • Click here if you're missing one orb and 400 gems.
  • Click here if you want to see the skill point list.

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