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Miscellaneous hints, tips, tricks and cheat codes. Hit the Dragon Shores page if you want to find out all about the super fireball and skill points ...

1) This is spelled out in the "Ripto's Rage" instruction book, but not the "Gateway to Glimmer" version: There's a "Crash Team Racing" demo hidden inside Spyro 2. You can access the demo pressing and holding L1 and R2, then press the "square" button simultaneously while in the intro menu screen.

Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer cover2) In the United States and Canada, the game is called "Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage." Elsewhere around the world, it's called "Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer." The games have different covers, even. "Ripto's Rage" can be seen in our shop, while the cover to "Gateway to Glimmer" can be seen to the right. (Thanks to Zoe Kind for sending that in!) The name"Ripto," incidentally, is what the Insomniac team thought "Spyro," written in Japanese, looked like. They got used to saying the name "Ripto," and decided to incorporate it into the sequel to "Spyro the Dragon."

Michael John of Cerny Games told us having two different names "was just a marketing decision made by Sony Europe. No trademark violations or anything sinister ... they just liked the name better and it didn't bother us any." The games are identical. Do not buy the version not commonly available in your area expecting it to work properly on your Playstation. It won't.

3) Spyro's got a new voice this time around. The actor who does Spyro's voice in Spyro 2 and 3 is Tom Kenny, whom you might also know as the voice of the narrator and mayor on "The Powerpuff Girls."

4) Nail as many fodder animals (sheep, frogs, little egg guys, et cetera) as you can. Every 10th one you flame (or fireball, which is even easier) produces a blue butterfly that will give Spyro an extra life when Sparx eats it.

5) OK, so you know that Spyro learns new moves in this game. For starters, Spyro can now dragon-paddle on the surface of water and Hunter will train Spyro to hover early on in Summer Forest. And Moneybags will teach Spyro other skills in return for hard-earned gems:
  • Swimming Underwater : Find Moneybags by the moat in the middle of Summer Forest.
  • Climbing: Find Moneybags at the beginning of the Autumn Plains level, by the transporter back to Summer Forest.
  • Headbash: Find Moneybags in front of the castle at the very beginning of Winter Tundra.
  • Permanent super fireball: See the Dragon Shores page.

6) Pigs love bagpipe music. Just thought I should mention that so you can look for a pig next time bagpipe music plays nearby.

7) The Internet's most complete listing of Spyro 2 cheat codes is here! We've got a whole bunch, for that matter. Some of these codes are the ones people who are stuck "need" to get ahead. And some are just-for-fun codes that can be used without shame. Good call, Insomniac, for making stuff like the color change, big head and flat codes!

  • Make Sparx point to the nearest gem: Hold down all four shoulder buttons
  • All learned abilities: Pause the game, and press O, O, O, O, Square
  • Big Head Mode (think the N64 Game "Goldeneye"): Pause the game, and press up, up, up, up, R1, R1, R1, R1, O
  • Flat Mode ("Help, help! I'm a side scrolling game character stuck in a 3D game!"): Pause the game, and press left, right, left, right, L2, R2, L2, R2, Square
  • Change Spyro's colors: Pause the game and press up, right, down, left, up, Square, R1, R2, L1, L2, up, left, down, right, up, and then choose a color from the following list:
    • Red: O
    • Blue: X
    • Pink: Square
    • Green: Triangle
    • Yellow: Up
    • Black: Down
    • Normal (purple): R2
  • See the end credits: Pause the game, and press Square, O, Square, O, Square, O, left, right, left right, left, right
  • Exclusive SpyroHints.com code: "Go to the pause menu and press the following sequence of keys: Square, up, Square, down, Square, left, Square, right, O." As far as I can tell, this makes Sparx be able to take one more hit than he can normally, even if he's fully healed up. No, it's not 99 lives, but it's a little extra edge for those who only need a bit of help. (Thanks to Insomniac team member Matthew Whiting!)

8) Spyro 2 has some neat bugs in the game that let careful players get away with murder. Of course, it's also possible that you'll get stuck in the glitch and have to reboot your Playstation:

  • Go to the top of the hill via the underwater passage in Summer Forest (where an orb is found). Jump and glide left. You can fly 'outside' the world and get a very strange view of the underwater passage!
  • In Breeze Harbor (Autumn Plains) you can swim out of water, through the air ... everywhere. To swim out of water, start the fire under the burner next to the pool of water. This will raise the water level to the same level as one of the steps. Float on top of the water facing this step at the right side of the step ... right up next to it. Now dive! You'll be in/on the step and swimming and can now swim everywhere!
  • There's a similar bug in Mystic Marsh, but it's not easy to utilize: When you are catching the spark plug thieves, make sure that the last one you catch is the one that swims through the water, and if you catch him in the water it takes you to Basil and he gives you the orb, while you are still swimming. You'll be able to swim everywhere.
  • In Hurricos, when you reach the first two big windmills, use the supercharge to destroy the windmills in front of the buttons. DO NOT ACTIVATE THE BUTTONS. Jump up on top of button and get stuck up there (or off to the side of it) ... when the screen starts vibrating move to the right, left or jump and it will shoot Spyro up into the air so high you will lose track of the rest of the game at first until you glide down and start seeing things from very high up.
  • You can also use the bug to polish off Hurricos early: When you get in the air, glide over to the upper left of the map. This is where the guy gives you the last orb. Glide down to the big roof in the middle of the map. Look for the little man on the upper left roof. Once on the middle roof, jump and glide over to the man. This will get you the final orb. You can also use this technique to get the final gems that are on the high plateau in the baskets.

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