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He's back at it again: Spyro once again has to complete a number of races to beat the Sorceress and save the dragon babies.

A word of advice: These are the most subjective puzzles in the Spyro series -- and there's no one right answer to how to beat the races -- but there are tips that help, and advice.

1) Some visitors have been reporting that they haven't won an egg after beating one of the races. This is an error in the first build of Spyro 3. The good news is that the Sony's Greatest Hits version of Spyro 3 (it'll be labelled that way on the cover of the CD case) fixes this error (and includes a film that wasn't in the original version of the game). Rent this version, run the game and you should be credited with the egg. Let me know if this works!

2) Mushroom Speedway - Connie's tips: "If you hit the stars they give you a burst of speed." And make you go a bit out of control ... "Hunter is behind a very large mushroom stem" on the far side of the island, facing away from the shore. Playing as Hunter, you dogfight with a bunch of sheep in UFOs for another egg.

3) Country Speedway - John's tips: "The path I use most efficiently is as follows: 1) Go through the pink rings, 2) Right after getting through the last ring take a sharp right and land (opposite direction of the tractors' direction) then supercharge following the brick path so you crash into the tractors head on. 3) After the last tractor, head back in the air towards the planes. (They should be in front of you.) Fly head on into them to flame them. (After a few attempts you learn their flying patterns.) 4) After the planes are disposed of head for the cows. (Left turn I think.) Utilize a blue star for a speed burst."


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