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While Middway Gardens may have the prettiest home world of any of the games, Evening Lake is, hands down, the coolest one. I mean, there's a WHALE in it!

1) About that whale: Go give him a kiss.

2) Connie notes that the home world "seems to have a lot of hidden walls to smash."

3) Can't get two gems at a tower in Fireworks Factory? Don't despair! There is, at last, a solution, and it's straight from Brian Hastings at Insomniac:

"Exit Fireworks Factory (if you are in it). Press Pause. Press: Circle, Square, Right, Left, Right, Square, Circle, X. (You'll hear sounds as you press the last two keys - this means that it worked!) Enter Fireworks Factory. Go defeat the two ninjas on the platform with the cannon (right below the tower with the gems)."

So, what was it that was happening? Brian explains (and sheds some interesting light on how Spyro 3 works):

"It is actually completely unrelated to the Speedway issue, and it only happens to people who are in the 'easiest' difficulty level (the game automatically tunes the difficulty levels for you as you play, depending on how you are doing). You are never prevented (permanently at least) from getting those gems - you just have to go into the level when your difficulty setting is not at the lowest. Some people (a very small number I think) who are almost always playing at the lowest difficulty setting, will almost always be at the lowest difficulty setting."

As for that cheat code Brian gave out: "It just adjusts your 'player score' to match the middle difficulty level. Your score will continue to change depending on how you play. Incidentally, if you want to set your player score to the highest difficulty level, press the Square button instead of 'X' as the last key of the cheat."

4) Yes, sometimes some people end up with 301/300 gems in Fireworks Factory. No, it doesn't mean anything, other than the game hiccuped at the wrong moment.

5) For the seed puzzle in Charmed Ridge, the final sequence is mushroom, mushroom, mushroom, along with a lot of careful hovering and jumping. (Those of you who find the hovering and jumping stuff easy, SHHH! You just upset us when you write in and say so!)

6) Evil genius Andrew has managed to figure out a way around the aforementioned Charmed Ridge seed puzzle, or at least the end of it, which is a real stumper for most people: "For the final challenge (to get to the goose), I ignored the first two seed plots. Went straight to the one by the goose's ledge. You stand by the plot, and spit out the seed aiming just short of the center of the plot. The seed will hit the ground, bounce to the center of the plot and start growing. The bounce is the critical bit - it gives Spyro a short delay to jump on top of the growing mushroom! It took me a few goes to time it right, but the mushroom can grow under Spyro. Don't be too hasty to jump off again, wait until the mushroom bounces you up, then glide to the goose."

7) Can't get to where you want to on Frozen Altars? Try smashing the pile of coals the rhynoc at the base of the pyramid has but NOT killing him. Freeze him, hop up onto his head, and go from there to the step pyramid.

8) Need some boxing tips for Frozen Altars? For starters, forget about the roundhouse punch and blocking. The roundhouse is so slow, Bentley will be smacked around repeatedly before he can use it. And there's no point in having a good defense when boxing yetis, so forget about blocking. Instead, jab like crazy while pushing the other yeti against the ropes. That way, when he's knocked back by a punch, he'll still be in range for more punches, and you can make more productive use of the moments that he's stunned. Why, I bet you could even beat him in only two rounds this way ...

9) Brian again, on boxing in Frozen Altars: "After you beat the yeti in boxing, if you plug in two controllers and attempt to replay the challenge, it will go into two player boxing mode! One player controls Bentley, the other gets the yeti. It actually makes a pretty fun two-player game (we wasted a fair bit of time with it during development.)"

10) Almost everyone ends up missing a few gems at the end of Lost Fleet. They're typically very close to the end: From the portal to return back to Evening Lakes, turn around and walk over to the hole in the side of the ship you entered through. Look down into the acid. There should be some gems there. Also, to the right, there's a beached rowboat. A sandbar is hidden out of sight behind it, with more gems there.


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