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Wow -- this may be the prettiest and most fun home level in any of the Spyro games! And it's got a very neat mix of other areas to access along the way, including the McKenzie Brothers, Bob and Doug ...

Spyro chases an Icy Peaks thief1) Just for fun: Torching helpless little bunny rabbits in Midday Gardens is strictly for amateurs. If you want to have some real fun, headbutt them, as you can get some real distance with them and, even more entertaining, they ricochet, and you can do bank shots with them. Of course, the best of all is using the superflame power-up, and putting those rabbits on the moon ...

2) Lots of people are having problems in Sgt. Byrd's Base getting to all the trapped hummingbirds, specifically the one behind the glass. Blow up the locked chest near the beginning of the level. (In fact, whenever stuck on a puzzle in these games, try and finish the rest of the level and plan to come back to the hard puzzles. Very often the answer to the puzzle is wrapped up in completing the rest of the area.) (Thanks to all those who wrote in about this puzzle, including Carinae, Lennielove, VaporeonErin, RenayeAlton, Tracy, Mike, Sharon Hawkins, Jason D. Cox, Samantha, Bekki Williams, John Caputo, tigergal_127, Jorge Fernandez, Lacy, Giles Armstrong and BRCCORP31)

3) When blasting the gophers in Sgt. Byrd's Base (see the Secrets page as to why you might want to do that), you can't be on the same horizontal plane as them. (You can't be at ground level, flying or standing.) You can either stand on a ledge and aim at the little buggers with the triangle button or, as Hapopo did, drop bombs on them.

4) If you're having trouble beating Hunter's points in the Enchanted Towers skateboard park, it's always possible to "win ugly" by skating into the halfpipe and just going back and forth, doing spins each time -- and four spins one way can get you a Ripto, while the other will get you a Crush.

5) You can't complete the main level of Enchanted Towers until you play as Sgt. Byrd. In fact, playing as him as quickly as possible makes the level much easier.

6) You can't smash the mountain in Bamboo Terrace until you free Bentley the Yeti.

7) When in Bamboo Terrace, remember Glenn's tip: "Underwater in the Bamboo Terrace level there is a rock face with cracks. Smash through that wall for several butterflies in a jar."

8) Missing gems on the Icy Peaks level? "Check the supercharge area again," Stefanie says. "There are two places where gems hide. One is a ledge that you can see as you chase the egg thief and the other is on the trail behind an ice wall that you need to super charge through." Shawn Witzki reminds everyone to shoot down the big birds as well.

9) Want to get at those gems under the ice in Icy Peaks? Find the crack in the ice. There's a ledge nearby. Once you can get up to it, walk off the ledge, fly over the crack and do a headsmash and then swim around under the ice. Several visitors have reported that hovering over the crack makes it much easier to headsmash the right spot. vmaandrous has an alternate approach: "It's easier to break the ice from the ground than risk missing and circling as I did a thousand times. Go between the two ice rinks (or whatever they are), jump and glide long until you are near the crack in the ice. Press the triangle button twice and you'll headbash right over the crack. Much easier!"

10) Yoink has figured out a sneaky way to avoid racing around after the egg thieves of Icy Peaks: "Jumping across the gap causes them to start a complete lap. Just stop a little bit up the ramp after they take off. They'll return to where they started and taunt you. Slowly move towards them and eventually they'll start their lap again, but they're heading right for you! A well timed jump and flame will get you the eggs. Works for both thieves."

11) Of course, you can also take out the Icy Peaks red thief without even that much work. Pam Wheaton reports: "If you go to the ledge that allows you to go up [the whirlwind], and land on the top of the tower, you can spiral down and get the red thief off of his platform even before you have to chase him!" (Thanks also to DurangoChick35 and Majji.)

12) No idea why this trick works, but it does: In Spooky Swamp, as Shiela, destroy all the rocks before escorting either of the twins on their mission to free the eggs. The mushrooms won't pop up and get in your way. (I discovered this, but thought it was a fluke, but Connie reports the same thing. It doesn't always work, though.)

13) Wondering how Shiela can get the gems behind the iron bars in Spooky Swamp? She's able to kick through the walls in many parts of the level. Check the aqua blue wall (not cracked, incidentally!) near the egg caves. (Thanks to Connie, Darla, Cindy, Ronni Pihlaja, Mary, Jeff Sampson, Kerry, Satin, Carinae, Tracy, Ralf, Mary, John Bode, Mike, Ed, Sharon Hawkins, and Chris and Sheri Crymes.)

14) All flaming wolf puppies does is annoy your wife. (Wait until she leaves the room.)


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