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Once you've defeated the Sorceress, the game isn't over -- you did see her flipper emerging from the lava after you shot her down, right?

1) Moneybags appears in Midnight Mountain, and he's got all those gems he's extorted from Spyro, along with one more egg. Get them back from him, and don't take no for an answer.

2) The gateway to the Super Bonus World, if you haven't already found it, is near the Harbor Speedway gate. Go to the gateway, hop over to the ledge across the lava, and look down and left.

3) Having trouble with the rocket-powered snowboard course? The key, according to a host of players (including Bahamut, Steve Auld, Hapoppo, Mark, Jeff Sampson, Foxglove, Merralee, Linda Gentry, Baxil, Jason Porter, Christi Lewallen, Knoll and my wife) is to A) memorize the course, B) fill the turbo bar early with stunts, C) stay low when possible, as Spyro goes faster on the ground than in the air, D) use the blue stars whenever possible to get a speed boost, E) use the red stars when jumping to take out the yeti ahead of you and flame them if you get close, F) DON'T FALL OFF THE COURSE and G) remember that even the best players seem to find this a fairly difficult race to win at first. (It also doesn't hurt to be a whiz at the skateboard tricks listed on the Secrets page.)

4) Trace has another trick that works on the rocket-powered snowboard course: "Basically you skip the second loop of the 'figure 8' track. From the start, gain turbo power on the first big hill and try to hit as many blue and red stars as possible. When you reach the point where you pass over the track beneath you, veer to the left and land on that first big slope,but going in the opposite direction. Land as straight into the slope as possible. (If you hit it at an angle,you tend to wipe out which is no good at all because when Spyro recovers he's going in the 'wrong' direction.) You'll immediately pass Hunter on your left and you'll want to crash into the second surface (the back of the short ramp), then when Spyro recovers you will be headed back in the 'correct' direction and will proceed to lap two as you pass Hunter again. (If you crash into the first wall past Hunter you will not go to lap two.) Repeat two more times!" This is what we call "winning ugly."

5) Want to win REALLY ugly? Walk the course first, blasting the crabs along the way. Spyro starts off with a full turbo bar in that case.

6) Nothing happens when you beat the course record on the snowboard course. Sorry.

7) The game really does end at 117 percent. Yes, Spyro 1 ended at 120 percent and Spyro 2 ended at 100 percent. That's just the way it worked out this time. There is no secret additional areas, guys. Yes, there's that enticing island floating off in the near distance on Midnight Mountain. No, it's not an additional level, OK?


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