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The proverbial home stretch, when the game cranks it up a notch in difficulty.

Spyro takes on gunslinger dinos in the Dino Mines1) Shawn Witzki has some advice by those frustrated by the slides in Haunted Tombs: "Slides suck. I lost about 15 lives last night trying to get all of the gems off the slides. The main problem for me is that the camera can't keep up. This causes me to overcorrect on turns, and once that happens it's goodbye Spyro (unless I get lucky and hit a wall). I think the key is to pay attention to where Spyro's nose is pointing, not where the camera is pointing. Much like controlling a car in a skid, he'll head in the direction his nose is pointing." My wife's advice is to use the d-pad instead of the joystick and to gently tap it to change directions. (She watches me use the joystick and oversteer all the time.)

2) Kerry Madden has the answer for those (including my wife) wondering about the leap of faith in Dino Mines: "Go to the first building on your left in the beginning of the level. There should be a cactus to the left of the building. Jump off the ledge to your right around the building (if memory serves me)."

3) Frustrated by the final force field in Agent 9's Lab? The force field will block all your laser beams, but you can lob a bomb over the top ...

4) Can't beat the monsters throwing the snowballs at you in Haunted Tombs? Try using their own weapons on them.

5) If you get frustrated chasing the egg thief around the Midnight Mountain home world, Russell has stumbled on a trick: "Just beat the Sorceress and when you come back to where the thief should be he will be gone and all you have to do is walk over to the egg. The reason I think this happens is because they don't want the egg thief and Moneybags to be there at the same time." Why would this matter? See the Super Bonus page for the answer.


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