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Things get tougher in the Peace Keepers world, right off the bat: Spyro can almost immediately hear the sound of cannon fire, as the gnorcs have taken control of the peacekeeping weaponry and are having fun shooting the cannons off. The whole world is harder than Artisans, but it's a lot of fun, as Spyro gets to play with new toys like cannons, fireworks and more ...

1) The gnorcs aren't the only ones who can have fun with those cannons. Spyro can push the cannon to face whatever he likes and light the fuse with his flame breath. In addition to destroying the rock with the target on it - allowing access to other parts of the world - blow up chests (even locked ones), tents, gnorcs and even rabbits!

2) While you're blowing things up with the cannon, look for a rock with a bullseye painted on it.

3) Can't figure out how to get to that final archway in the Peace Keeper's home? That's worth worrying about, since there's lots of treasure in there, including the locked chest that you found the key for earlier. (You didn't find it earlier? Didn't you take out that rotten no-good egg thief?) Walk up the stone bridge sticking out into the water. Glide from the top of that and you should land on the ledge outside the arch just fine.

4) Just as no self-respecting dragon would avoid the chance to set stuff on fire in Dark Hollow, make sure you scorch a few cacti before you leave the world of the Peace Keepers. Funny!

5) Can't find the key to the locked strongbox in Cliff Town? There isn't one. But there is a fireworks rocket on the roof of one of the buildings below, just waiting for a flame to light its fuse ...

6) If, like me, you had trouble finding all the gems in Cliff Town, even after you cleaned-off all the roofs and flamed all the cauldrons, head up to the tallest point in town (where you freed the dragon), and fly towards the right side of the dome you entered the town through. There's gems on the lower rim of the dome.

7) READ THIS TIP! The big stumper in Dry Canyon - how to get to that last dragon and gems, the ones you can see at the gate home - is just a matter of taking a leap of faith. Find the platform where you freed the dragon who told you that you'd need to be a good glider to succeed. Fly down to the fortress you can see from his ledge. Go to the perch in the back of the treasure room within, the one that seems to look out to nowhere. Take a blind glide off the left hand side ...

8) Next to Cliff Town, the Ice Cavern is my favorite level on this world. There's two problems people keep writing in about the Ice Cavern. Here's the first answer: Those gems atop the lamp posts? Head butt the posts very carefully.

9) The next answer: The gems you're missing in the Ice Cavern are in the locked strongbox (accessible from the room with the chests on different levels). The key to the chest is on an island sticking up out of the mist. The island is visible from the rim of the platform with the locked strongbox. You should know how to drop onto your butt while flying, so practice some ahead of time in a safe area.

10) One final Ice Cavern hint: Want to get those chests with the extra lives inside? Go all the way back to the beginning, and walk out onto the platform sticking out into the air. Trust me on this next part: Leap off to the right, glide down, hugging the wall. You'll land, quite nicely, onto the platform with the three extra lives.


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