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Oh, boy. Beast Makers features the absolute hardest level in the Spyro series -- Tree Tops -- and even two years after "Spyro the Dragon" was released, it remains the subject of most of the e-mail to this site. The good news is that the solutions below work. The bad news is that it's still not easy beating the level. Good luck -- you'll need it.

1) Can't find the way to get the gems on highest platform on the Terrace Village level? On the building beside the "return home" building, look for a staircase that's camouflaged to look like part of the wall. From there, you can fly to the rest of the gems on the level.

2) The wizards inside the whirlwinds seem threatening, and their miniature tornadoes they send at you are frustrating, but they can be beaten with a flame blast, although sometimes you have to jump up to flame them inside their whirlwind.

3) Find the last Tree Tops dragon on a small island. You can find the way by following the green thief. Here's how to get there:

  • From the starting point of the level, go upwards until you come to the room with the two big guys.
  • Here there are two exits, take the left one going over the bridge and then follow this until you have passed two small guys with bananas. Here, again, there are two exits.
  • Take the left one, jump and glide over to the next island.
  • From this island, the one with the dragon should be visible on the other side of the palisade. (Standing on the slope with the supercharge arrows, it should be to your left.)
  • Boost down the slope, and fly over to the island straight ahead, still boosting, take the right ramp over to another booster slope, follow this around and jump to the right.
  • You should land on a new slope and follow this against the direction of the arrows upwards, then jump over to the slope that is slightly to the right (it is on the island you started from).
  • Keep boosting and jump as you leave the ramp. Start gliding when you are at the peak of your jump and glide the rest of the way.

4) Alternate Tree Tops solution #1: When you on the island, where you start your super jump normally to get to the dragon, run down the super charge, jump and pull to the left, as high as you can go, start gliding. You can with a few tries, glide into the bottom of the lift to get back from the island. Turn around, get back over the island, and drop.

5) Alternate Tree Tops solution #2: Get to the green supercharge, where you can ALMOST get to the last dragon. Supercharge down it, jump at the end, then hold HARD RIGHT. This will take you about 270 degrees around, you will hit the platform on the other side, but on the same island. When you reach the end, double-supercharging, press jump, and then at the top, just glide to the dragon.

6) Stuck in Metalhead? Go back to the beginning of the level and look down into the trenches. There's a ledge in one leading to a secret passageway.


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