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Spyro gets some help in the Magic Crafters' world, from fairies. This world is easier than it appears at first, with puzzles that typically are a snap once you've figured out the trick to them.

1) The fairies of the Magic Crafters' world love little dragons. There's the red fairies who save your game for you, the yellow fairies who will catch you when you fall in certain areas and the big fairy who will kiss you and make your flames temporarily able to destroy anything, even seemingly unbeatable foes.

2) People keep asking how to open the chest in the Magic Crafters' home. Find the pond near the top of the world. There's a chest on its rim, poised above a clifftop. When you walk out there to get it, check out the island in the pond: There's a door visible from where you are, and there's a key inside.

3) The big beasts in the Alpine Peaks are scary, especially when they stand up on their hind legs and roar, but they're just like any other big monster: One blast of flame will take care of them.

4) Here's how to find the final egg on the Wizard's Peak level:

  • When you're at the ramps with the wizards, kill all the wizards close to the ramps, go back to the top ramp, and charge down from it.
  • Keep charging for the second ramp, then run up the opposite ramp (be sure to stay on the side, so you don't touch the arrows and slow down) and jump at the end of it.
  • If you did it right, you will fly to a platform, where there are some gems, and behind the wall is a thief (he doesn't even run away, since he's on a ledge).

5) To kill the spiders in the Caves, there's three choices, all of which will require a bit of practice to get all the spiders. First, you can have the red fairy kiss you and your flame will now kill them. Killing the final spider involves gliding off the fairy's ledge to the cave entrance below. Visit that area before hand so the spider will be in the vicinity this time. The other option is to just use that supercharge and keep at it until you finally get the bugger. (OK, yes, they're not really spiders as they don't have the right number of legs. Whatever.)


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