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The second hardest puzzle in the Spyro series occurs in the Dream Weavers world, in Haunted Towers. For some reason, lots of readers refuse to try the solution to this (and the one to the puzzle in Cliff Town, back in Peace Keepers, now that I think about it) as written. It works. Really. And the good news is that it's easier than the solution to Tree Tops. A little easier, anyway ....

1) READ THIS TIP! Need help opening a banded/keyless chest? There's two answers: Supercharging or flaming them once you've been kissed by a red fairy.

2) Can't find where the rest of the gems are in the Haunted Towers? Take the supercharge ramp down into the castle, charge out the second door on the right, turn left, jump, charge left, up the ramp in the front of the castle, and hug the building as you soar forward. You'll land on an island filled with hopping mushrooms. Ride the vortex up to the final puzzle of the level.

3) Stuck on that aforementioned final puzzle? Those Haunted Towers knights can only be killed by your flame breath once you've been kissed by the flame fairy. But that doesn't mean you need to run back and forth to the other castle when trying to beat the knights on the stairs inside the castle: Run up the stairs before they wake up (particularly the last one, who'll block your passage) and there's a flame fairy waiting at the top.

4) In Lofty Castle, the loop that you can leap to from the supercharge ramp is a tricky move by the designers, who are using reverse psychology on players: Don't jump for the obvious spot, to the left. Land on the right side, keep on supercharging, and you'll be launched to a high-up platform with a whole mess of gems.


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