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Yes, flight levels are required. Let me say that again: They are required, required, required to get 100 percent of the treasures and thus to get into the final level, Gnasty's Loot. That's what the first video after you beat Gnasty is about. There are no codes to bypass the flight levels, give you infinite time on them or anything of the sort. Sorry.

1) The courses only count towards your score when you complete an "all in one." Cruel, yes, but there it is.

2) In the flight levels, Spyro can do flips by pressing R1 or L1. Try it if you missed a chest.

3) I'm not the flight level guru in the family, my wife is. So I'm adapting the following mega-hints from a letter she wrote in response to a site visitor having a problem with a flight level:

  • "If it's the boats and plane one where he has to fly through canals to get around, (it's when the game begins, the first thing you see is a gnorc riding a boat, getting away from you) then he needs to go after the gnorcs first, facing them head on. Go through the canal (he'll see the arches) and it's important to get the gnorcs on the boat as he tackles the arches at the same time (make the boats a PRIORITY - you can always backtrack to the arches, but it's a pain waiting for that boat to come full circle again and forces you to lose precious time. Circling back to the arches is nothing compared to that.). After he finishes the arches, he'll be back where he started and he needs to attack the treasure chests from there. He'll find the planes going around in two different circular pattern. He needs to attack the planes head on (chasing their tail only loses time). The plane pattern is high, low, high, low. If the first plane he flames is high, swing low because the next plane will be low, then go back up high. It's easier this way. Getting the planes and chests really seem to be randomly done so his main goal is to do the best he can to save time by being familiar with the plane patterns and attack the chests as he goes by. It can be done.
  • "I remember one flight level I had trouble with, but I can't remember EVERYthing about it. I only remember that I had to speed through the first three (I think treasure chests, arches, and something else) in order to get to the planes going around the mountain. It's really important to flame the planes before they go around the mountain again in order to get a few of the remaining obstacles that are located off the mountain. ... This level was a pain.
  • "Another flight level has those gophers rising up and down with those whirly things above them. It starts off flying towards the light houses. This was my favorite flight level. To save time with the light houses, head towards the first one, flame it and get the treasure chest behind the second one and flame that as well. He'll see a treasure chest sitting on something, flame that and veer sharp left in a circular pattern to get the chests along the wall. When he comes out he'll have other light houses to flame. Work on that. (Another thing: Before he veers sharp left to get the treasure chests, I tend to flame the low light houses just before I do so I don't have to scoop down low as I come out of the treasure chests that are along the wall. It helps.) Then he turns on the train track (I'm not sure which direction, but I believe it's left - he needs to face the trains head on). Flame the first train head on. He will find the gophers rising up and down. Attack those, but if he sees a train coming by on the track, GET IT. It's a pain waiting for it to come around again and precious time is lost. When he's done, continue to go through the tunnel and do the next stage. It's the same thing. He's done after that."

4) There is no one way to do the flight levels. That's good news, really: Just do your best and repeat your course once you've made a complete loop, shaving off time where you can. Eventually you'll get it. Probably.


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