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W Spyro the Dragonelcome to SpyroHints.com!

We're back! Fifteen years after this site went dormant, we've blown the dust off to help a new generation of gamers, discovering the series for the first time with Spyro Reignited, or perhaps returning to the Dragon Realms for the first time in years. For the most part, this site is indentical to how it looked in 2003, other than a few cosmetic changes to make it look right on 2018 monitors, along with updating links in the shop.

SpyroHints.com is the Web's #1 hint site for the Spyro the Dragon videogame series! The questions and answers were originally all fan-submitted and later revised and expanded by the SpyroHints.com staff. Whatever problem has you stumped in the Dragon Realms, never fear: Someone else has run into the same thing before and this site has the answer!


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Last updated on Sunday, November 11, 2018